About Us
“Colors … Smells … Tastes …, but …” “… the kitchen and the italian raw material are a serious matter…” said Matteo Calvi partners of the “I Pregi d’Italia”. Matteo Calvi, founder of the company, combining their passion, grown and cultivated through the meeting with starred chefs, with the culture of the places, history and tradition. All this can only lead in the research and selection of quality products, … .. I Pregi, for an unanimous consensus among gourmets around the world.
Matteo, in a piece of life partner of a big four and then top manager of a multinational pharmaceutical company, he loves Italian food and is firmly convinced that “the quality of a product is not enough to succeed.”
I Pregi d’Italia concentrates its research on a few, extraordinary, quality products, assesses them, selects them and gives life to them through a quality seal awarded by an internal technical committee composed by professionals in the food and wine industry. The team consists of professionals and experts with diversified skills and operates nationally and internationally to promote Italian food and ensure the consumers on product quality because “… the kitchen and Italian raw material are a serious matter….”
In cucina I Pregi d'Italia
Cantine I Pregi d'Italia
I Pregi d’Italia is constantly focused on product quality. We operate on the whole Italian territory in search of experiences, flavors and smells that recall the history and food culture of our country. We select only those vendors that stand out for their craftsmanship and the high quality of their offering.
The rare and valuable result, becomes the protagonist and the center of a story to tell that finds its foundation often passed down in family history from father to son. In it we can discover all the characteristics of our territory and the extraordinary Italian culture.
Colline toscane I Pregi d'Italia
The brand I Pregi d’Italia was made with the intention of providing a guarantee to those who are close to the products that we selected. It is aimed, in particular, to connoisseurs who can appreciate our care in choosing the best producers. The identification of the I Pregi d’Italia logo accompanies each product providing evidence of quality, craftsmanship, link with the territory … summed up in one word: Selected Quality.
Vendemmia I Pregi d'Italia