La Recantina

NameMontello and Colli Asolani


Alcohol Cont. %13,50%


Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour: deep red with very bright purple reflections.
Nose: persistent red fruit perceptions of undergrowth, bilberry jam, blackcurrant and violet. Are accompanied by notes of spice, clove, Dutch tobacco, toasted hazelnut and vanilla.
Taste: dry, balanced, harmonious, with excellent structure and tannins. It is very persistent, enveloping and good alcohol.

Dining Combinations

Ideal for main dishes of wild fowl, pheasants and partridges, but also excellent with rabbit, chicken, guinea fowl and duck typical of our cuisine.

Temperature for Serving

Serve at cellar temperature 18 °C.


This particular selection of Recantina is not produced every year, but only in years where the grapes are ripening is optimal in terms of quality. The grapes produced high sunny hill and well exposed in the vineyard is harvested by hand and then de-stemmed and crushed, the maceration lasts about 25 days with indigenous yeast. After appropriate racking the wine is matured and evolved in barrels and barrels for about two years.