Alcohol Cont. %14,50%


Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: from intense ruby red to garnet.
Bouquet: spicy, hints of wild fruits, bilberries, black currants, blackberries with a final hint of liquorice and prunes.
Taste: full, very well-balanced.


Pressure begins in mid-December and is divided into two phases.
In the first phase, a half of the dried grapes is pressed. The fermentation together with the skins lasts about 20 days. After completed fermentation the remaining grapes, stored in a specific, well-ventilated space, the so- called “fruttaio”, are pressed. To this wine it is added the new wine of the previous vinification.
This second fermentation takes place very slowly and gently, and the wine is fermented together with the skins for more than thirty days. Maturation for 24/30 months and refinement in the bottle for 8/12 months.