NameSparkling Rosè Wine Extra Dry


Alcohol Cont. %12%


Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: rose petals.
Bouquet: delicate, made intense by the slow and very minute perlage.
Taste: charming, the foam wraps around the palate like a cream, soft, reminiscent of the bouquet.

Dining Combinations

Excellent aperitif and as a dining companion with fish and white meat. A glass to offer to guests just as they come in the door.

Temperature for Serving

Serve chilled, best in goblets to admire color and perlage.


Grapes are destemmed and softly pressed. Must is hyper-oxygenated with sterile air to cause natural color sedimentation. Fermentation, rigorously without sulfur dioxide and with choice yeasts, performed at 18 °C. As soon as the still sweet wine has reached the desidered alcohol content, it is cooled to zero degrees in order to stop the fermentation. This temperature is maintained until the fermentation process for sparkling wine which takes place in spring in large barrels for a period of 90 days. For the sparkling wine production process are exclusively used the sugars present in the wine.