Nero Metodo Classico

NamePinot Nero classic method in Rosa Brut


Alcohol Cont. %13%


Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: coppery with yellow highlights, luminous.
Bouquet: wild flowers, hint of raspberry and small ripe fruits, apricot and peach.
Foam: extremely fine grain, very persistent, wonderful to see.
Taste: just delicate enough to make it delightful
for every occasion.

Dining Combinations

Excellent at all times, as an aperitif or dessert, throughout the meal. Its scented hints arouse emotions and ancient remembrances.

Temperature for Serving

Serve chilled, best in crystal glasses.


A unique vinification suitable for achieving a minimum of color (coppery) maintaining the class of a Pinot Noir. In the first days of October the grapes are gently pressed. Must is hyper-oxygenated with sterile air to cause natural color sedimentation and the less color possible (coppery). Fermentation, rigorously without sulfur dioxide and with choice yeasts, performed at 16 °C temperature in stainless steel tanks to prevent loss of aroma and to increase natural smoothness. As soon as the still sweet wine has reached the desidered alcohol content, it is cooled to zero degrees in order to stop fermentation. This temperature is maintained until the fermentation process for sparkling wine.
The second fermentation in the bottle with the CLASSICAL METHOD takes place the following summer and lasts 30 months in strictly controlled temperature environment. The sugars used for secondary fermentation are exclusively those present the wine. The bottles are placed in riddling racks where they are daily shaken for a period of 30 days until their degorgement. The topping up of the bottles takes place with the same wine without the addition of liquor.