Pat Storico

NameBrut Sparkling Wine


Alcohol Cont. %12,50%


Organoleptic Characteristics

Color: straw yellow with greenish hues and gold shades.
Smell: it has a strong imprint fruity accompanied by a light and intriguing spiciness of white pepper and thyme citrine. Is the fruity notes of citrus evident manifest, cedar, grapefruit and pineapple juice, these hints are very fine and elegant harmonic, are generated by a product of excellent integrity and perfect ripeness, the excellent executive cleaning enhances the flavor component well expressed and persistent.

Dining Combinations

Aperitif, appetizers, first courses and risotto with chicken liver soup to "sbiraglia".

Temperature for Serving

Serve cold 6 °C.


Produced from vines of ancient origin kept and cultivated in our company for generations. The harvest is staggered depending on the technological requirements fixed taking into account both the different periods of maturation of the various varieties is the wine goal.
The harvest is done manually, the harvested grapes are pressed in crates in a soft and delicate to ensure and preserve the 'aromatic integrity and subtlety of taste. After the pressing, the must is allowed to settle for 24 hours. This will illimpidisce ferment naturally before ensuring sharper and fruity scents. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature around 15 °C and lasts about 15 days. Then the wine is racked and stored in tanks at cool temperatures until the sparkling process.