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In cucina I Pregi d'Italia

We are online to share with you our passion, our thinking and love for what we do in the most natural and exciting way. Visit our site and find our products to meet our world in search of unknown sensations or simply forgotten feelings. “The Italian kitchen and the raw material are unique and inimitable, in other words are a serious matter …” said Matteo Calvi, founder of I Pregi d’Italia, combining his passion, matured with the meeting of great starred chefs, with the culture of the places, history and tradition.

I Pregi d’Italia focuses its research on a few extraordinary niche products; we evaluate and select all the products, then we give them a quality seal awarded by an internal technical committee composed of professionals in the food and wine industry. Our attention is constantly drawn to product quality. We turn to the conscious consumer who loves traditions, our land, the craftsmanship and, furthermore, to all those who want to get close to tastes, smells and flavors of the past.

The aim of I Pregi d’Italia is to lead each consumer towards a unique experience, characterized by quality and link with the territory in order to rediscover all the characteristics of our land and the extraordinary Italian culture.

I Pregi d’Italia operates nationally and internationally to enhance the Italian products quality because “the Italian kitchen and the raw material are a serious matter.” We select only those vendors that stand out for their craftsmanship and for the high quality of their offering.

Join our thinking to live with us a story of authenticity, tradition and respect for nature, earth and people.